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Our mission is to help others impact lives all around the world; One child, One family, One community at a time!

Training English teachers and teaching all ages to speak English, WECI can help you to speak, read and write in English.

WECI is fully licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education providing exceptional TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualifications and English Language tuition from qualified and experienced native speaking instructors.

Founded in 2002 by Wanna Boontho, a hugely experienced and respected figure within the educational establishment, WECI has always believed in excellence. Wanna strives to ensure that all the courses offered, provide a structured, enjoyable process to ensure effective learning.

Why WECI Hua Hin? While learning to teach English in this acclaimed acadamy, you will be immersed in the culture of beautiful Thailand. Hua Hin, the town with Royal connections, offers accomodation for all budgets. With shopping malls, international hotels and restaurants, local restaurants and long beaches. There is something for everyone. Three Hours from Bangkok by road, it is easily accessable in an area of great beauty.



Our four week 120-hour Intensive program is designed to prepare any teacher for the classroom environment. Our experienced TEFL trainers are certified to teach proper teaching techniques and ensure that all trainees who complete the course are well rounded and informed before completion.

During the course, each trainee is required to complete 6 observed teaching practices and must be in attendance every day the TEFL course is scheduled. (Missing any information taught on any day is critical to the TEFL trainee’s success.)

The practice teachings are scheduled throughout the 4-week course allowing the trainee to reflect on any feedback they have received from their TEFL trainer and peers. During the last week, trainees will have ample opportunity to put all of the teaching theory they have learned into their final teaching practices so it is paramount that each trainee attends their scheduled classes.



  • Thai culture and language
  • Icebreakers / Class introductions / Rapport
  • Classroom resources and materials
  • Brain-based learning theory (TBM)


  • Lesson Aims
  • Presenting target language and language analysis
  • Concept checking
  • Eliciting/body language and gestures
  • Grading language (imperative, simple, clear)
  • Setting up activities (demo, giving instructions, etc.)
TEFL Teaching Program


  • Monitoring
  • Student motivation
  • Awareness of students needs
  • Awareness of self
  • Effective use of the whiteboard
  • Effective presentation
  • Error correction


  • Lesson progression (controlled –> open practice)
  • Making the lesson student-centered (teaching as a guide, not a lecturer)
  • Variety and balance of class activities
  • Pacing and timing of lessons


  1. Observed teaching practice and lesson planning: 65% of your grade
  2. Teaching theory assignments and participation: 35% of your grade

Trainees must be prepared to listen, participate, receive and give feedback, and most importantly, show progress in their ability to apply what they have learned to real teaching practice during the course. This training requires 100% attendance, however, in case of an emergency, the absence is excused and time can be made up with the tutor's guidance.

120 Hour online TEFL course

Our online TEFL 120 hour course can fit with your schedule. The course will involve participants creating teaching environments for video assessment. Contact us for further details.

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